Monthly Library Director’s Report

January 9th Director’s Report

December’s Statistics:

Circulation: 887                                             Attendance: 1,610

Website visits: 76,685                                     ILLs: 54 borrowed /22 sent

Computer usage: 154                                     RB Digital: circs / new patron

  • The elevator company came and fixed the elevator AGAIN. It is now in full working order and has been certified for use for the year.  Since I contacted the regional manager’s boss, we have received much better service.
  • Book Club met on December 22 with an attendance of six to discuss Ready Player One. We are planning on going to see the movie as a group when it comes out in March.  Our next book is The Book That Matters Most and we will meet on January 17th.
  • The library hosted a “Reframing Aging” webinar viewing. We had an attendance of nine.  We are planning on hosting more webinar viewing events.
  • Eric Sprenger has started on the new bookshelves and platform. We are looking forward to the transformation of the space!  When the time comes, we are wondering what to do with the couch?  As it has a brand new mattress, we think it has some value.  Angela and I are hoping that we could put it up for sale and hopefully use the proceeds for floor pillows/other seating.
  • I have been working on our annual statistics/standards for the state. I should be done by tomorrow.
    • While our circulation, computer use, and Wi-Fi sessions are all down last year, our attendance and website visits are up. Most impressively, our number of outgoing ILL loans is up by 150 items this year.  I think this number reflects the relevancy of our collection.  The new interlibrary loan system is automated and does a much better job of finding materials for us and allocating loans more fairly.  It also gives us the choice to prefer borrowing from other courier libraries, which helps keeps the cost of postage down.
  • Once I finish the annual statistics, I will be starting to weed the fiction section.
  • Angela and I have been planning events for upcoming vacation days. There will be a Make It day on Martin Luther King Day and an animal tracking event with Mike Clough and a snowman building event over the February vacation, both in conjunction with Wilmington Works.



Respectfully submitted,


Allison Maynard