Monthly Librarian’s Report

January 10th Librarian’s Report

December’s Statistics:

Circulation: 1,326                                          Attendance: 1,457

Website Visits:  50,525                                     ILLs:  18 sent/ 20 borrowed

Computer usage: 147                                     One Click: 0 new/36 circs +


  • I completed the report of annual statistics for the state and submitted it. We had another banner year and look forward to repeating that success in 2017.
  • I submitted the annual library summary to Jessica for the town report.
  • I received confirmation that we will be receiving grant money from the state towards the courier program in the amount of $180 for the second half of the fiscal year. Whitingham will not be participating in the program henceforth.
  • I completed a brochure to let new patrons and existing patrons alike read more about some of our services. Now that I have a basic layout done, I can tailor the brochure for different seasons and to promote certain services.
  • We received a $150 donation from Rona Mendelshon to purchase passes to Mass MOcA.
  • We had an attendance of nine at our viewing of Me Before You, which was a very touching movie. This movie showing and potluck celebration was in lieu of Book Club for the month of December.
  • For Book Club for January, we will be reading Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer and discussing the novel on January 18.
  • We received the quote from Bay State Elevator for the work that needs to be done to the lift. Since the temporary patches are not working, the elevator has been out of commission for a while.  As soon as the expenditure is approved, I will contact them to set up the repair.
  • I am very slowly starting to weed the nonfiction collection. This has been necessitated by the increase in purchasing nonfiction over the last three years.  By the end of this weed, the nonfiction collection should be more modern and relevant than it was four years ago.
  • I’ve been working on a manual for when I am out.
  • I have started planning some easy programs for the summer while I am out.
  • Since Jennifer has been on vacation for the past several weeks, I’ve been handling most of interlibrary loan. I am especially focused on making sure we close out the year with no outstanding books to other libraries.

Respectfully submitted,

Allison Maynard