Monthly Youth Librarian’s Report

Pettee Memorial Library

Youth Librarian Report

Month of November 2017



Story time participation:


Nov. 6-    7 kids    6 adults   Homer the Library Cat

Nov. 9-    4 kids     2 adults   (day care group) Homer the Library Cat

Nov. 13-  7 kids     6 adults   Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm

Nov. 20-  7 kids     7 adults  ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Nov. 27-  8 kids     9 adults  When Winter Comes and Hurry, Hurry Mary



Monday Story time continues to build. During the past couple of weeks we have welcomed new parents and preschoolers.

One very popular craft was the decoration of book bags by each of the kids so they could carry their own books home and return them to the library when they are due. This lead to several of the parents opening library cards. The kids have proudly carried their books back and forth each week.

I have been posting photos of the story time group often. I also put up posts on Facebook that promote our library and public libraries in general.


On November 16 I  showed the documentary Vermont Farm Kids: Rooted in the Land to celebrate VT Agricultural Literacy Week. There were 8 community members and the three library staff members attending. Two 4-H girls and members of the Boyd Family Farm shared experiences about life on the farm. Rob Wheeler donated Cabot Cheddar cheese for refreshments since he was unable to attend.


The open house drew many families to the youth section. I had a station set up for the kids (and parents) to make marble runs. It gave the kids an opportunity to problem solve and build. There was also a station to decorate pine cones and make ornaments. Both areas were popular. A few kids created musical instruments and sculptures with the supplies. I hope to offer monthly activities similar to these.

Several parents got to browse the shelves and borrowed books.


We have subscribed to the Junior Library Guild and receive two new non-fiction  books monthly for early elementary and elementary levels. They have been beautiful selections, and circulate soon after arrival.


I offered a preteen/teen “Silent Book Club” to help with assigned and choice reading, but got no takers (even with snacks offered!) The Middle-High school language arts teachers, librarian and daily notices advertised it. I will try for a couple more weeks and hopefully get a few kids in.


I have applied to participate in the VT Reads program in the spring. We are waiting to hear if we are accepted.



Respectfully submitted,

Angela Yakovleff