Monthly Youth Services Librarian’s Report

Pettee Memorial Library

Youth Librarian Report

October 2017


Story Walk at Molly Stark State Park concluded on October 2. The park attendant thanked us for bringing Story Walk to the park. She hopes we will bring the program to the park again next summer.


Participants: Sept.11    2-Construction blocked our entrance to the park!

Sept.18   16- 8 kids 8 adults

Sept.25   11- 5 kids 6 adults

Oct. 2     13- 6 children 7 adults


Yesterday we moved back to the library. We visited the Fire house since it’s Fire Prevention Week. There were 14 participants.

At the end of the month we will trick or treat in town. I am checking in with the various places the pre-schoolers have visited in past years to make sure it is again fine to bring the group.

I would like to see the pre-schoolers’ parents check out more books. To this end I am planning an activity that will have each of the kids decorate their own library book bag so they will have a special way to carry books home. I plan to devote 5-10 minutes at the end of story time to book selection.


I have signed into two webinars during the month. One of particular interest was on Makerspaces. This is a program offered in many ways at various libraries. Stations may be set up where kids can build, experiment, solve problems. I am further looking into this and hope to offer workshops for preteens and teens.

The other webinar introduced new teen books to check into for possible addition to the collection.


With Linda’s help we have rearranged the collection to make better use of space so books can be accessed more easily, new books displayed, and thematic books highlighted.


I am working on developing an after school book club for preteens. I have contacted Keli Gould, the sixth grade language arts teacher, to try to coordinate this with her curriculum.


Allison and I participated in the Fairy Tale Festival in Killington on Sept. 23. There were just under 200 visitors to our tent. Our activity was well received. Kids got to complete stick puppets and received a play of the tale Jack and the Beanstalk to act out. They each got a packet of seeds to plant. Planning for another festival to be held in 2019 will begin in the upcoming months.


Respectfully submitted,

Angela Yakovleff