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On Saturday, November 1, Pettee Memorial Library and the Vermont Humanities Council will be presenting the third part of “Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie” at 7 PM at Memorial Hall. There will be a short discussion to follow, hosted by Nora Jacobson, one of the filmmakers. Each part is an independent segment- you can see one part or all six! Refreshments will be available, provided by The Friends of Pettee Memorial Library. The film is free, open to the public, and accessible to people with disabilities.

Part Four, Doers and Shapers-Part Four explores the people and institutions that push boundaries. Starting with education, we take an engrossing journey through the philosophy of John Dewey, leading to the hands-on style of Goddard College, the Putney School, and the inseparable connection between education and democracy. We explore other progressive movements: Vermont’s famous Billboard law and Act 250, cultural movements such as Bread and Puppet theater and finally Vermont’s groundbreaking civil union law. Democracy at work—differing voices, different points of view.

“Freedom &Unity: The Vermont Movie” is the first documentary series ever made about the many voices, cultural and political traditions that give the Green Mountain State its egalitarian ideals and bold, iconoclastic spirit. The six-part film is a collaboration of three-dozen critically acclaimed Vermont filmmakers, as well as historians, editor, archivists, animators, composers, and writers.

To many outsiders, Vermont is either an idyllic landscape of villages and farms, or a seething hotbed of radical left-wing politics. But the story is more nuanced. “Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie” examines Vermont’s legendary grass roots politics, but also dares to explore the disturbing legacy of eugenics and racial myopia. The film explores life lived at a local level and asks, how is a state’s identity created? And how does the past inform the present?

Films are at 7 PM on Saturday nights at Memorial Hall. Please check the library’s website for more dates and more information- or call (802)464-8557.

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